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The Arkansas Slip and Fall Lawyers at Niblock & Associates have years of experience representing the victims of premises liability injuries in Arkansas. Premises Liability cases are also known as slip and fall cases. Someone slipping, tripping, or falling due to a property owner or manager’s negligent upkeep or failure to abide by federal, state, or local rules designed to keep an area safe is basis for a premises liability claim. We have a team of aggressive, professional lawyers to handle the injury claims of people who have suffered serious injuries or death.

Premises Liability

You must handle premises liability cases carefully. You may think just because an accident occurred on someone’s property (whether inside a building or outside) that a premise liability case will be easy to prove against the owner. However, this is a misconception. 

To win an Arkansas premises liability case, you must be able to prove:

  1. There was a Hazard that could cause someone to become injured;
  2. The property owner, knew or should have known, about the Hazard; 
  3. The property owner failed to fix the Hazard, or to warn people of the Hazard; 

Some examples of possible premises liability cases include:

  • Spilled food, water, oil, or substances on a floor
  • Broken or cracked sidewalks, stairs, and escalators
  • Stairway, balcony, deck, or floor collapses
  • Falling products from store shelves 
  • Lack of railing around shafts, holes, or droop offs 
  • Toxic or hazardous substances
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Inadequate security resulting in theft, rape, or attack
  • Poor lighting, loose carpet, or malfunctioning equipment
  • Exposed electrical wiring causing electrocution 

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