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The Arkansas Product Liability Attorney of Niblock & Associates have years of experience representing those who have suffered an injury caused by a defective product, this situation is known as a product liability claim. Negligence due to the manufacture or sale of a product also falls under the category of product liability. Anyone who is a victim of an unsafe or defective product may be awarded damages to be paid by the manufacturer, designer, or seller of that product.

Product Recall

Many defective or dangerous products are the subject of a recall. Baby cribs can injure infants, tires can fail & cause a car accident, and toys can have small parts that can cause a choking hazard. These are just a few examples of why some products are recalled. A recall can be initiated any of these reputable sources:


Consumers are injured every day by harmful products or their effects. Negligence is a term used to describe the absence of proper care to avoid injury. A manufacturer can be held liable for negligence if they fail to practice regular care in production, design or even assembly of their product.

If a seller fails to honor or fulfill terms described by a product’s warranty, this is called breach of warranty. If a seller advertises a product in a way that gives the consumer a false sense of security, a misrepresentation claim may be filed. This would also cover any intentional concealment of hazards to the consumer by the seller.

People use hazardous products every day, many times without the knowledge of the dangers they may possess. Dangerous or faulty products can lead to loss, bodily injury, or even death.

The trial lawyers of Niblock & Associates are experienced in handling product liability cases in Arkansas and can assist you in evaluating your personal situation.

Products liability claims potentially apply to virtually every type of product Americans use in their everyday life. It would be impossible to list all the potentially defective products. However, in the past few years some of the more notable defective product cases have included:

  • defective tires
  • un-crash worthy automobiles
  • roll over prone SUVs
  • drugs with deadly side effects
  • improperly designed swimming pools
  • children’s toys with choking hazards
  • children’s toys with lead paint
  • heart valve implants with deadly side effects
  • artificial knees that work loose
  • machines without safety guards
  • defective airplane parts

If you or someone you love was injured or killed by a defective product, contact an experienced Arkansas Product Liability Attorney at Niblock & Associates today.

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