Dangerous Drug

Dangerous Drug

Serving Clients All Across Arkansas 

As Arkansas side effects attorneys, we know that thousands of people die every year due to adverse effects or harmful side effects of prescription and even over the counter (OTC) drugs. The attorneys of Niblock & Associates have been representing people in class action lawsuits against irresponsible drug manufacturers and marketers for many years.

A drug maker has no legal obligation to warn consumers about possible harmful side effects of prescription drugs. They simply must provide the warning to physicians who prescribe the drug. It is then up to the physician to inform the patient of any possible interactions between the newly prescribed drug and any other medications the patient may be taking.

In the case of over the counter (OTC) drugs, the manufacturer is required to inform the consumer of all possible side effects and how it may interact with other medications the consumer may be taking. Generally, though this is not always the rule, this information is much more generalized than information given to physicians. You should always consult your doctor about existing medications prior to trying a new OTC drug.

If you or someone you love has been harmed by harmful side effects of a medication, it is important that you seek out attorneys who have experience in this area. If the drug is already the subject of a class action or another type of mass lawsuit called a MDL (multi-district litigation), there will be special procedural rules in such cases. It is important to speak with counsel familiar with these special procedures.

We offer our clients one-on-one, personal service designed to alleviate your worries and give you the fresh start you deserve. Our drug lawyers are here to help you investigate your options and offer real legal solutions you may not have realized were possible before consulting a bankruptcy attorney. It is important to stay patient during this bankruptcy process. We will be happy to provide you with a free consultation to determine the best possible option for your situation.

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